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Carbonated Cleaning: Ineffective And Potentially Damaging

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Carbonated Cleaning | 0 comments

The carpets cannot be left squalid and filthy as this can have an impact on the health of your family. The carpets are made of expensive fabric materials like synthetic fiber, woolen, hence are a major investment for your home. The hard surfaced tiles can be imagined to be scrubbed and brushed to make it look shinier and clean with no stains, spill and filth. However, the same treatment of carbonated cleaning or theoretically called dry cleaning on carpets can render an opposite impact. The soft carpet material can lose their sheen and continuous application of this method will ruin the material over a period of time making it look old, dilapidated.

Superficial maintenance not enough

6 There are a few dos and don’ts one needs to be aware of when it comes to maintenance measures for your treasured carpets. Certain measures like not wearing shoes and walking on the carpets will reduce your cleaning hassles with less stains, however certain stains and spills are impractical to control. Hence, there are many ways which have been nurtured from over a period of time each having advantages and disadvantages. Many people are just concerned with lateral looks of the carpet. If the carpet looks clean apparently, they are happy, but however they are unaware of in growth and multiplication of the bacterial invasion in the deepest layers of the carpet which can be a reason for the spread of diseases and health issues in long run.

Scrubbing- a big no!

Many times it is found carbonated cleaning methods are devoid of all common sense usage. People do not understand that the usage of rotational stiff scrub machines like oscillators with wet and dry pads attached in carbonated carpet cleaning methods create a lot of pressure on your tantalizing carpet material, its color, etc. These are used to scrub the hard chemicals, imagining that they will percolate within the carpet which is not a case at most times. Also, many people fail to understand the harsh impact of pressure ordained on the carpet fiber by these rough scrubs creating coarseness in the carpet material in the long run and reduced PH levels. Also, it is evident that ordinary detergents will not suit all carpet materials as detergents constituting alkaline can only be used on synthetic carpets and the ones which are acidic can be soaked only in woolen carpets. Thus, the improper choice of ordinary detergents used in this method can be detrimental and can shorten the lifespan of your carpets.

Carpets can be subjected to much better steam cleaning methods which are much gentle and are actually effective in extricating the dirt, bacteria from inner roots of it. This will also lengthen the life span of carpets. Also, there is a danger on the chemical residues being left in piles unattended and dried making the atmosphere toxic, repeatedly soiled and dangerous for the kids, pets and your family. Also, drying ordeals always are there in this method. So, be careful while you are cleaning your carpet next time!

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Why Deep Cleaning Is Most Effective For Carpets

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Deep Cleaning | 0 comments

Our carpets need annual care and pampering and deep cleaning is one of the most effectual techniques among them. There is a plethora of ways to cleanse carpets– the good, old dry shampoo, steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning and so on. But most of us want something which will click once and for all and will save us from spending unnecessary time, money and effort.

If you go into Google and search for the term ‘the best way to clean your carpet’, you shall be overwhelmed with the results. Though each technique has its own pros and cons, deep cleaning for carpet is unanimously voted as one of the most suitable methods, when it comes to nurturing that precious carpet that cost you a mini fortune or even the cheaper one that you got from the sale.

Why deep cleansing your carpet by yourself is better than hiring professionals?

You – the owner of the home, should be the one who will decide when to clean it (after all it’s not rocket science!), how to clean it and which method to adopt that will not hamper your monthly budget. There is no doubt that a professional carpet cleaning agency will have various cleansing agents, machine and experts at its disposal, the fees they will ask can tamper with your pre-set monthly expenditure.


Not only that, an expert cleaning agency will use too much chemicals and injecting them on your carpet can weaken its fiber. With deep cleaning, you need cleansing agents and boiling water, but then it shall be up to you which of the agents you will choose that have mild yet deep cleaning effect on your carpet. The internet (or the housekeeping magazines) is full of information about multiple brands. You can find their ingredients and if you have any doubt, you can contact to the customer support.

But before you delve into buying a deep cleansing machine, you need to figure out – whether you want to scrub your carpet once in a year or in 18 months. There are multiple factors to decide it-

  • The nature of your carpet- whether it’s a high pile or low pile also dictates the frequency.
  • How many inhabitants are there in your home that will tread upon the carpet?
  • The activities that get done on the surface of the carpet ranging from- playing board games, lying down or cuddling with your dog.

What to look for in a deep cleansing machine?

  • The performance

A deep cleansing machine must score high in terms of number of brushes, suction and agitation.

  • The Design

If you have a small house-hold, low-pile carpet and need to clean it for occasional spilling, then a lightweight machine will do. If you wipe your carpet annually, then powerful machine with longer chord is highly required.

  • The Accessories

On-board tools, air-drying system, rotational brushes- these are few must-to-have accessories that an ideal deep cleansing must possess.

Deep cleaning is harmless yet highly penetrating. Even if you have any doubts on investing                  upon a quality machine, throw it away. A deep cleansing machine is worth-the-money.

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A Quick Guide to Carpet Care

Posted by on May 10, 2015 in Carpet Care | 0 comments

While wood floors are pretty amazing, many people also love the comfort and warmth that carpeting gives a home. If your home has carpeting, then you probably are aware of how dirty and grimy carpeting can get, especially in the long run. If your home carpeting is looking less than stellar, then a bit of carpet care can easily remedy the problem. To ensure that you make the most of your time cleaning your carpet, below is a quick guide about caring for your carpet. Taking into account the tips below can help your carpet regain the beauty it once had when you first bought it.

Keep Rules in Place

1First and foremost, if your carpet is relatively new or if you just had a professional carpet cleaning completed, then instilling a no-shoe rule can easily ensure that your carpet remains clean in the long term. If you need shoes in your home, then to avoid grime getting on your carpet, it is advisable that you place heavy-duty shoe mats outside of your doors. This way, those who enter your home can wipe their shoes on the mat before wiping them on your clean carpets.

The Key to Spot Cleaning

Even if you place a no-shoe rule in your home, your carpets are bound to encounter some sort of problem. One common problem that plagues nearly all carpet owners are stains. Stains can be from food, arts and crafts, or other activities. The key to getting a stain out is to not let it soak into your carpet in the first place. When you first notice the stain, you want to take action by using a cloth with soap and warm water to blot the area of the stain. Do not scrub, all you need to do is simply pat down with the heel of your hand. If the stain will not relent, you may need a wet-dry vacuum and a professional to get it out.

Small Carpets

If you are able to remove your carpet from your home to clean it, then it is advisable that you do so. Vacuums sometimes are unable to truly get the dust that is trapped within the carpet out. Therefore, the best solution is to roll up your carpet and let it air outside for a short period of time. This will remove the dust and freshen up the carpet.

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Does Carpet Shampooing Really Get Your Carpet Clean?

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Carpet Shampooing | 0 comments

One thing that can decorate your house in a simple yet stylish way is carpets. They are rugs that can be put over anywhere, where there is empty place, and it will brighten up the area that it covers. Carpets bring color to the boring areas of your house.

Initially, carpets were used only for domestic purposes, but since they started gaining popularity their demand grew and people started using them for decoration purposes in hotels, restaurants, marriage halls and everywhere else where a small or big plain area had to be covered. With the increasing demand, the shape and sizes of carpets also began changing, and today suppliers are coming up with customized carpets, based on customer needs and requirements.


With all this, the cost of the carpets is also witnessing a boom, because of which it became a costly affair to just discard the carpet when it gets dirty, and buy a new one. The alternate solution is take care of it on a regular basis. Cleaning it, or getting it done by somebody else is the best option to maintain carpets for a long time.

Carpet shampooing is one of the best methods to take care of your carpets. They work on all kinds of dirt and dust, and ensure that your carpet will live a longer and clean life.

Types of carpet shampoo

When people started realizing the benefits carpet shampoos provide, increasing number of people started opting for it. Even professional carpet cleaners began using this type of cleaning as the basic cleaning method. There are two types of carpet shampooing available in the market, you can either clean your carpet using

  • Dry shampoo or
  • Normal shampooing depending of convenience, and budgets.

Carpet shampooing– really effective?

Yes, the method of shampooing the carpets is really effective. Dry shampoos can clean off the dry dusts while the foam shampoos will help you get rid of the stains like grease or coffee. One thing you have to keep in mind is you have to use the right shampoo, right proportion so that you can get the maximum benefit out of the cleaning process.

If you are hiring professionals to clean the carpets, then make sure that you are hiring the right company so that you do not have to repent later.

Below given are the benefits that carpet shampooing offers to the people generally –

  • The help remove dirt– this is the primary reason why people getting cleaning done.
  • Permanent stains like coffee or grease will vanish once the shampooing is done.
  • The materials of the carpet come to life and thus, they live longer if there is regular cleaning.
  • Dye shampooing will help you to get the carpet color changed while getting it cleansed.
  • Lots of shampoos help you to bring back the lost color, thus bringing back the lost charm of the carpet.

If you are choosing a professional, make sure that you are choosing genuine companies, and if you are doing it yourself, then be aware of the type of your carpet and choose the shampoo accordingly to reap the right benefits of the money and time spent.

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Secrets for Cleaning Tile Properly

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Cleaning Tile | 0 comments

The moment you install tiles on your floor, you need commitment to make them look like new always. Or else they would simply start losing their glamour and your rooms would look pale. However, if you take good care of them they would pay you off greatly as they are long lasting and has great style too. Even Real Estate specialists also agree to the point that tiles enhances the beauty of any room in comparison to any other flooring materials. For cleaning tile you must follow a regular routine so that they do not get stained.

Secrets behind tiles cleaning

As already discussed tiles are smart looking items on your floor. Hence you must apply such techniques for cleaning them which you can do often and can easily manage at home. Some of the secrets are

  • Use powdered oxygen bleach that is easy and non toxic item for cleaning tiles. These bleach releases oxygen ions that help in breaking down the soils and bleaching the stain. Hence, the dirt is washed away with minimal scrubbing. If you have little children at your home or even pet, this environment friendly bleach is good as they are non-toxic too. For using it mix the powdered oxygen bleach with Luke warm water and then pour the solution over the floor. Leave it there for 15 minutes. Then you can find that the stains from spills or other items are getting removed easily without much effort. If required you may also scrub.
  • Another secret to keep your tiles clean is by scrubbing the tiles with cloth dipped in plain water regularly. It does not allow the stains to get in and stay there for long and if regular care is taken the shine and luster of the tiles remains the same for longer period.
  • Even rubbing the tiles regularly with a solution of shampoo and water is also useful in keeping the tiles clean. After wiping the floor with the shampoo solution. Wipe it again with plain water to get clean tiles easily.

Secrets for maintain the tiles

You may be looking for cleaning tile, but if you maintain them properly, then it would not be a problem for keeping the tiles look like new. Just follow the following tips to keep the tiles just like new

  • Never apply chlorine bleach on the tiles. Although bleach cleans the tiles and make them whiter, still they have bad affects too. Not only on tiles but also on your children and pets. Try to avoid them as much as possible.
  • Bathroom tiles have stain of water on them; hence, apply the solution mentioned earlier for sometime on them so that they are cleared easily.
  • Best way to keep your tiles clean is by following the cleaning manual every day. It keeps them clean and germ free too.

Whatever is the type of tiles, you must take regular care for keeping them clean so that they keep on enhancing the beauty of your home.

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Dry Absorbent Carpet Cleaner: A Temporary Fix

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Dry Absorbent Carpet Cleaner | 0 comments

Dry cleaning of carpets has an advantage of less time consumption and also cleans the surface, and also potentially the top third layer of the carpet if the right compounds or the dry absorbent carpet cleaner are used which are efficient to attract a lot of dirt, filth and can be vacuumed easily. The application of such dry compounds may not even require professional help as it is less labor intensive. It is also more of a surface cleaning attempt and not a deep carpet cleaning job better performed by the professionals.

The application ease

It is absolutely easy to apply the dry compounds on the wall to wall carpets in your home which has been left unattended for longer durations, and are therefore subjected to a lot of dust, grime, etc. The absorbents used must be non toxic and organic and must be suitable for the carpet material. The machines with the rotary disc help the solutions to reach lower layers faster over the manual scrubbing work. The dry absorbent carpet cleaner takes some time to settle and dry and as soon as it sinks it crystallizes carrying all the dirt, grime and brings it to the surface.

4The dust and the dried absorbents are easily vacuumed off with vacuum machines. The vacuums with multiple motors used ideally for two functions of air flow and water lifting are ideally selected by the professional cleaners. Since, the moisture content is very minimal in the process there is little heed and concern about drying time, etc in the process. However, care needs to be taken so that no residue of the absorbents is left in the carpet which can very soon attract new dirt and grime in the cleaned carpets making the whole job a total waste. However, this process can be repeated a number of times to get a temporary solution for the dirty carpets.

The quick fix solutions for the carpet

The temporary solution can at least render a healthy environment free of mold which spreads infections and unhealthy atmosphere in the home. This is also a quick fix solution for working people who hardly get time to get it deep cleaned and who find it necessary to clean the carpets regularly due to pets and children. Also, the deep cleaning procedure can be then hired for once or twice a year to get the carpets spick and span. The problem of odor and stench is also kept at bay with these temporary cleanup drives which are organized at regular intervals.

However, the disadvantage lies on sole dependency on this method, because there is a possibility of the chemical solution residue piling in the carpet and can render a pale and lost sheen in the carpet. Also, scrubbing if not done carefully and harder force applied often can loosen the stitches of the carpet material and also fade it in the long run. Also, it can render a health risk for small toddlers or pets using the carpets.

The quality of absorbents thus becomes an important call when going for such temporary fixes for your carpet.

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What Is Bonnet Shampooing – And Does It Work

Posted by on Mar 22, 2014 in Bonnet Shampooing | 0 comments

There is scarcely anyone who does not want a home or an office place which cleaned up well and hygienic. A well sanitized home or an office gives us the aura of being in good health and that is why it is our duty to keep our surrounding clean and tidy. Kids and aged people need mostly a hygienic place to live in. little kids, toddler are always playing around in their houses and they are completely unaware of the fact what could happen if germs attacked. Many diseases especially the ones that are detected in the stomach, attack small kids because they put in their mouth what probably they find on the floor, or put their hands in the mouth, maybe just before that they have placed them on floors or on carpets. And for these reasons we need perfect cleaning for our houses.

Bonnet shampooing the best cleaning of carpets:


For the sake of beauty or fashion, we use carpets in our houses, in office buildings, or in any program. Carpets usually store dust and dirt in a huge amount. Sometimes they are sticky and impossible to remove. Maybe at the hard times like that, you do use soap, detergent, shampoo and so on. Now the question is, do you know which one actually should be used? Most people don’t. You can’t use anything to do the cleaning of your carpet. The best way is bonnet shampooing.

Functions of Bonnet Shampooing:

Dry cleaning or bonnet Shampooing is a method to use sprays that are meant to be used on floor on carpets. This method includes:

  • Rotary brush which takes a stiff brush along to use a wet or dry pad in order to clean up the bonnet minutely.
  • The carpet must be sprayed with a chemical solution.
  • Sometimes a pad may be used to do the cleaning with even more perfection. The pad should be soaked in a chemical solution to make the cleaning hygienic.
  • Brush, pad, and chemical solutions should be applied lightly so that the carpet or the bonnet is not left with any tore portion in its whole body.


The bonnet cleaning is known by another name carbonated cleaning. Though the name is dry cleaning, still some quantity of water is used to conduct the whole cleaning smoothly. This method comes with a special capability to remove the soil easily. And this reason makes this method so demanding. There could be no better way to get your carpets cleaned up than using bonnet cleaning.

As the name suggests, this method is based on its use of carbonated solution. This method of cleaning requires experts who know how to use it. You can have full advantages it has in its stocks only when you use it with complete knowledge about it. Carbonated or bonnet cleaning solutions are formulated with simple chemical formulas. Solutions or products that are available in the market in current time use natural and herbal ingredients. It is completely safe for your family, kids and pets. While applying this solution, keep in mind that, though not harmful to you or your kids’ health, it can, sometime, be virulent because of over use.

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